Custom CatalogCreate your company’s custom catalog in minutes.



  • Centralize your company's library of mechanical products
  • Leverage data throughout project lifecycle
  • Define all price points (List, Estimate, Buy and Sell)
  • Exchange important data with project team and supply chain partners

People Bringing critical data to the project, detailing, purchasing, management and users.


Benefits of CINX

  • Available 24/7 & easily implemented
  • Works equally well for contactors big or small, individuals or projects
  • Can be incorporated in a single business unit or in every department
  • Multiple responsibilities and roles with access to data at every project stage

Projects Known for helping you win projects, now helping you all the way through turnover for projects big or small.


Making Better Decisions

  • 103 year heritage of backing up estimating tools with accurate pricing data. CINX tracks and extends estimating and other project data as they become real and installed

Products Comprehensive rich library of 3 million + mechanical items and extended content.



  • Acquires and manages current pricing
  • Imports, exports and manages project data throughout project life cycle
  • Automated connectivity to other software business systems
  • Connects to and manages transactions with your supply chain

Submittal BuilderGenerate a comprehensive submittal package in minutes.


Easily put together your project submittal package

  • Import information from estimating or modeling software and create the submittal in seconds
  • Add your own documents/models to the submittals package
  • Email it to anyone who needs to receive the information
  • Track approval status
  • Add your own comments to the submittal package before you send it

Productivity* CINX will decrease your annual material expenses by 3-5% which means more money in your pocket.

  • $12,500Saved
  • $25,000Saved
  • $250,000Saved
  • $750,000Saved
Annual Material Expenses
* see contractor cash flow whitepaper

Cloud Sales EngineProductivity driven for your sales team and digital commerce

  • Reliability - transactions use your Inventory Identifiers
  • Productivity - robust tools for your sales and quotation teams
  • Integration - formatted for your ERP/Web commerce solution
  • Profitability - increased orders and customer satisfaction
  • ROI - No upfront investment required

Integrated ProductivityEliminates manual processes for BOTH you and your customer

  • Process transactions directly
  • Deliver responses in minutes formatted for the contractor’s system
  • Free sales team to focus on other value added activities
  • Provide consistent service to all customer types
  • Improve margins on high volume customers
  • Reduce service costs for smaller volume customers

No risk or up-front costsCINX makes the up-front investment. Only pay when you receive purchase orders.

  • No charge for customer quotes
  • Unlimited users
  • Simple user interface
  • No installation or Maintenance
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Support subscriptions

Need more convicing?Combining cloud technologies with product content to streamline historically manually driven workflows


Unmatched customer integration Capabilities

  • Reduces product documentation compliance
  • Increases Customer Lifetime Value
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Automates Salesperson Activity
  • Centralizes online data
  • Reduces Back-Orders
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Minimizes returns

Free product information distribution.By partnering with HPH and CINX your products will have unmatched visibility
with both contractors and distributors.


Free + No special data requirements

  • Available for placement in any leading contractor estimating system
  • Linked to leading CAD/BIM systems
  • Seamless quoting and ordering between contractors and distributors
  • Centralized product documentation fulfillment for project compliance

Unified data source.Extending your data through content mash-ups providing the market a unified data source.


Creating New Opportunities

Manufacturer created product data is obtained from submitted files as well as information and files found on your website. CINX then adds original content such as standardized descriptions and categorization elements.

However, many data consumers in the construction process require additional information created by other organizations. This data is important for the specification, classification of, and purchase of products.

CINX works with these other content sources to include information for products. Thus creating a centralized location of all product information required by everyone in the construction process.

Deployment.Breaking down traditional data silos and readying content for integration and commerce.



Most organizations have departments that are responsible for certain functions that may utilize different data points in different software created and stored in unique locations - data silos.

Filling and maintaining those silos can be an overwhelming task for distributors and contractors. CINX works with all software vendors to ensure the seamless integration and maintenance of data according to their specs. By participating in CINX you ensure that your product information can be easily used throughout the whole market.

CINX Platform ServicesExtend and integrate your construction software capabilities


Powering next generation project execution

The CINX Platform Services is an open platform that allows developers of construction software to access and integrate a range of product and transactional data from a single cloud repository.

An extensive set of REST web services using common HTTP methods will provide you access to the objects stored on the CINX Cloud.

Reducing your challengesReducing your data challenges and giving customers greater access and control


Product Data

  • Labor Units
  • Pricing
  • Technical Links
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Classifications
  • Product Idenitifiers
  • Descriptive Content
  • Packaging

Transaction Data

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Buildings
  • Projects
  • Assemblies
  • RFQs
  • Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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